The Common Thread Project seeks to reveal the similarities between highly successful people; it features insights into a wide range of individuals, from Quentin Tarantino and Snoop Dogg to Tom Bedell and Bill Rancic. For those interested in helping the organization achieve its goals, the Project offers several opportunities.

For example, the Project endorses a small number of charities and organizations to which it recommends giving a donation. Links to the organization’s websites are included on the Project’s website. For instance, the organization has at times recommended donating to the Game Plan Foundation, founded by American football player, Leonard Marshall.

In addition, the Common Thread Project continually seeks inspirational stories, and it asks those with stories of success to begin a correspondence via email. Moreover, those who have friends, family members, or acquaintances with influential anecdotes that fit the Project's goals can also reach out. 

About the Author: After interviewing business leaders, athletes, and celebrities for 25 years, Jerry Gladstone founded The Common Thread Project. Mr. Gladstone aims to inspire others with the stories of achieving success and overcoming adversity that he has experienced firsthand. 

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