Human beings often draw inspiration from people they perceive as successful, whether they have made their mark in athletics, the business world, or any other field. Although these successful role models may each have a different story behind their success, they all possess common traits.

What do successful people have in common? These individuals have a passionate dream that centers on their talent or training. Beyond their steadfast belief in their talent or knowledge, successful people focus on a plan that will help them attain their goal. They find ways to motivate themselves and seek out others to help push them. Furthermore, they are willing to work hard to achieve their dream. The great championship boxer Muhammad Ali once said that he hated every minute of training, but he kept reminding himself: “Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.” 

In spite of taking the right steps, many successful people have at one time faced rejection and other adversities. To overcome barriers, learn how not to take no for an answer. They believe that they can be successful and become persistent in reaching their dream. Successful people learn that they cannot become complacent, but open themselves to continuous learning and improvement.

About the Author: With 25 years of experience in the fine art industry, Jerry Gladstone is the author of the upcoming book, “The Common Thread,” in which successful celebrities share how they have met life’s challenges.


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